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It was 30 years ago that I began my journey to Christ in earnest. I was a professional tennis coach and life was good! But I knew there was more. I found a book, the Book of Mormon. It claimed to be another witness of Jesus Christ.     Read more
It has been quite a road—twisted and bumpy and full of holes—and it still leads forward. We are not sure just where we will be or how we will manage, but we believe we are walking the path Jesus walked. And that makes all the difference.     Read more
Our Savior gave Himself completely in unselfish service. And He taught that we should do the same: “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me' (Matthew 16:24). It is not easy to follow our Savior.     Read more
As a family, we have been greatly blessed by our faith in Christ. We bear testimony that He lives, that He is our Redeemer and Savior. He knows how to sustain us. His power can lift and bless us daily, as we exercise our faith in Him.     Read more
“You people have made a big difference in our lives. You brought hope. You brought food and blankets. You brought peace. We are most grateful to you and to God.” These kind words from struggling refugees show great faith.     Read more
Little by little, I learned the true gospel of Christ. It makes me smile when I am sad. It warms my heart when I feel cold and alone. It comforts me when I am down. I feel the Lord’s guidance and unending love for me (see Romans 8:35-39).     Read more