Preserve Family History

Preserve Family History

We believe that our Heavenly Father wants families to live happily together in this life, and to remain together in the next life. Jesus gave his apostles the power to “bind on earth” and “in heaven” (Matthew 16:19). In our day He has taught that this authority can seal families together forever—grandparents and great grandparents, husband and wife, children and grandchildren—a living family tree that never dies.


With this love for family, our Church has made remarkable efforts to preserve family history and genealogy worldwide. And we make all this research available free of charge to everyone. 

Key Facts

Key Facts
  • Lebanon
    • Free computer access with genealogy software
    • Workshops and coaching
    • Free access to worldwide databases
  • Worldwide
    • Largest collection of family records in the world
    • 5,000 family history centers in 130 countries
    • Linked records for millions of families